Three week ampuversary!

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This week marked my THREE WEEK AMPUVERSARY! I never thought I’d make it. . .well, my Tonya, never thought I’d make it. I admit, I was a little puny. Okay. Maybe a lot puny. But it was what had to be done to get that darn cancer out of my body.


This week was big for me. I had to go back to the surgeon to get a bandage change because I got that darn abscess on my surgery site. The hole is smaller, but it’s still oozing and I have to keep it bandaged. They sent me home in another diaper! It’s so bulky, I can hardly pee-pee, and pooping…you can forget that!

I’m feeling a little better and when I  move around that darn diaper moves too. My Tonya and your daddy has to readjust the diaper and it hurts me more than helps me. I’m ashamed to say that I even showed my teeth to My Tonya and I’ve never done that.

I’m sorta glad I showed my teeth because the next thing I knew, My Tonya was on the phone and yelling at someone. She was so upset. Then she came at me with  those scissors. I groaned thinking that she was going to try to give me a haircut while I was down and out. She didn’t! She cut that diaper off me.

Gently she cleaned the abscess hole and put a small band aid bandage on me! It was like I was born again. I got up, I went outside, I even ran for the first time! When I came back in the house, I walked into the kitchen for the first time to get my treat. It doesn’t end there. I even stood on My Tonya, which is my favorite activity of all time, for the first time in three weeks. My Tonya even cried.


Now, I have to get back to my daily walk! I can’t wait to see my girlfriend Shady!!!


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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Now listen…I’m not saying I’m not feeling 100%, I’m not but I’m not feeling all puney either. I’m sore. I’m tired from walking on three legs and trying to learn how to move a little faster. My mind and body are working overtime and parts that I’ve never had to work before. AND I got that darn abscess at my amputation site!

My Tonya, my human, has been right by me the entire time since my amputation. I LOVE HER! I MEAN THAT I LOVE HER. I’m use to following her around and checking in on her, but since this whole amputation thing, she’s been bringing me treats, bringing me my water bowl, feeding me from her hand, waking up at night and running her warm hand all over me. Gosh, she has good hands.

I was sleeping so good on the couch on Saturday. I woke up and my Tonya wasn’t next to me. I sat up and listened. I didn’t hear her. I got up and jumped off the couch to walk to  the bottom of the stairs because my Tonya might’ve been up there, though she doesn’t let me walk up there either. I perked my ears, but I didn’t hear her up there.

Hmm…where was she? I made my way around the house and realized that she left me. I got sad at first, but then I saw the sunshine streaming through the double glass doors.  Those aren’t just any glass doors. They are the glass doors to the world! I love to sit there and say hello to the tumbling leaves, passing joggers, squirrels, stray cats (I hate cats), and sometimes my girlfriend Sadie walks by. I talk to everyone who passes. I love to talk, something that I’ve not been doing since my amputation.

It just so happened that there were so many things happening on the other side of those doors. Then it happened. The big tall human that takes up a lot of my Tonya’s time, she likes to call him Eddy or your daddy, I like to call him competition, anyways, he came into the foyer where my doors  to the world are and he started snapping pictures of me. I ignored him. Boy….I should’ve dropped down right then because a few minutes later my Tonya’s car pulled into the driveway. I hobbled as quick as I could back the family room and dropped down.

“You stinker.” Tonya bent down and rubbed me. “Have you been playing possum with me?”

Not only did I find it offensive that she called me a possum, stinky creature, but she accused me of milking my situation.

Darn, ‘your daddy’ sold me out!

12647133_10207312674268703_4376073690302456198_n 12661956_10207312674108699_7376261453124947905_n

1425589_10207145052398261_3568067692334691691_nDid I mention that I hate cats? Yeah….my sister is one. Or maybe I just don’t like sisters…..

The good news is that my Tonya took me back to the doctor  to  have my abscess bandages changed. The abscess is all gone, but the hole that exploded all that blood and freaked my Tonya out is healing, but they still put that big diaper on me. Embarrassing. My Tonya is taking me back to the doctor for a bandage change on Tuesday, so paws crossed I  don’t come home in that darn diaper!





Last night I woke my mamma up in the middle of the night. It was the first time that I actually got up and felt a little bright eyed. My doctor took me off the Tramadol pain medication and boy, I sure am glad. I feel a little better and want to eat more.

That picture up there was taken by my mamma at Thanksgiving and I dreamed about that turkey last night. That’s why I woke my mamma up. I was hungry!

Well, mamma was all too happy to give me a little snack and she rubbed me telling me how good I am. Strange….because when I had four paws, she didn’t like it when I woke her up at 3 a.m. She’d say that some characters from her books were in her head and always waking her up and I should be letting her sleep.

Here is a little humor to keep me going.


I’m Charlie. I’m a tripaw.

IMG_1491Hi! I’m Charlie Kappes. I’m 11 years old and a Schnauzer. That’s a picture of me and my mamma. I love my mamma. She is a writer so she gets to stay at home with me all day. She hasn’t left my side since she had to make the very hard decision to have my leg amputated to get rid of the nasty cancer. It’s been kinda hard on me since I love to take daily walks even when my  mamma doesn’t want to. Unfortunately, I got an abscess and we are doing everything we can to get me better.

IMG_2155 Here is the abscess hole. My staples are out and that looks good!IMG_2160How embarrasing that I’m wearing a diaper. Thank goodness I can’t take a long walk because my girlfriends, Shady, would see me and I think I better get better before I visit her. She’s a looker. Black lab and gorgeous.
IMG_2150Then when I didn’t think it could get much worse, my mamma makes me wear this! I’m a dude! She’s killing me!

12642702_10207243974471251_6988746240844193981_nI’m really lucky though! Some of my mamma’s readers sent me these toys in the mail!! I can’t wait until I’m up and at ’em! That octopus really wants me to tear out that squeaker!!!